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28. 7. 2017
Z důvodů budování příjezdové komunikace v rámci II. etapy výstavby Rezidence Nová Karolina si Vás dovolujeme informovat, že byla zrušena parkovací stání před kanceláří Rezidence Nová Karolina na ul. Důlní. K parkování využijte podzemního parkoviště v objektu obchodního centra Forum Nová Karolina. Parkování zde je po dobu 2 hodin zdarma.
8. 2. 2017
U nás neplatíte 4% daň z nabytí nemovitých věcí, neboť se jedná o první úplatný převod vlastnického práva, který je od daně osvobozen!
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Ideal housing for families with children. In the peaceful area of the courtyard, which is only accessible to the owners of the housing units, there will be a playground including the appropriate equipment and rest zones. All apartment sections have their own cupboards and rooms for storing prams and bicycles. All civic amenities and transport services are within reach.

Lifestyle FRIENDLY

As regards the number and variety of the apartments, we can offer any alternative corresponding to your lifestyle. You can choose from 1-room apartments with kitchen and bathroom facilities to two-floor 5-room maisonettes with kitchen and bathroom facilities and with a roof terrace, apartments with a yard and terrace or balcony, or loft apartments. In the neighbourhood of the housing estate there are theatres, museums, and art galleries, as well as shopping and leisure centres, restaurants, coffee houses, cinemas, sports facilities, etc.

ecological FRIENDLY

The project is environment-friendly. During the course of the construction we meet all the criteria for environmental and energy audits and standards. Each housing unit has its own energy meter and can be regulated independently. Separate waste bins and the promotion of a separate waste collection system are standard features.

senior/handicap FRIENDLY

The premises are accessible by wheelchair in all respects; the lifts are sufficiently spacious and can be voice controlled. The doorbells are located at a height accessible from a wheelchair. For security reasons the doorbells are equipped with a camera. The property will have its own 24-hour caretaker.


The courtyard resting area will be equipped with waste bins and accessories, and, following the example of Western Europe, there will be an enclosed dog park. There are also other locations available for you and your four-footed friend in the neighbourhood of the housing estate.